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Prodigy Gym Develops Fast Twitch Muscles, Improves Your Speed

When competing in athletics – speed is king! The ability for explosive bursts and quick lateral movement can really make an impact in any sport. But standard workout routines are not necessarily going to increase the muscles that help improve speed.

To increase sprinting and overall quickness, the correct techniques must be taught to the athlete, as well as offering a training plan that isolates his or her fast twitch muscles.

During normal exercise, the fast twitch muscles are not primarily used, as other muscle groups get the benefit of the training. Speed Training helps to isolate these muscles – which are necessary when trying to improve your sprinting, explosiveness, lateral movements and more.

Only by focusing upon the proper exercises and techniques can improvements in speed and agility possible.

The Personal Trainers at Prodigy Gym in Springboro, are certified in helping you improve your speed. We have years of experience helping athletes in many different sports, tailor a fast twitch program to help them gain a definite advantage in their agility.

Each of our speed trainers are up-to-date with the latest speed training options available and can get the results your athlete is looking for to improve in their sport or overall explosiveness.

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